Übergabe der Forderungen bei der Innenminister*innen-Konferenz

Heute hatten wir einen Termin bei der Innenminister*innen-Konferenz und haben dort unsere Forderungen für Aufnahme und Bleiberecht von geflüchteten Menschen übergeben.

Shiwa hat sich dort für die Rettung gefährdeter Menschen, mit denen sie in Afghanistan für Frauen- und Mädchenrechte gekämpft hat, stark gemacht und diese wichtige Rede gehalten:

Hello respected ministers, media and kind people of Germany. This is Shiwa Askandari basically from Afghanistan and currently living in Germany. I would respectfully deliver my words for today’s opportunity to talk as following:

Afghanistan is experiencing new darkness of human rights and death of democracy. The tons of contributions in cash and kind with tremendous challenges opened the horizons of development for Afghanistan but then it failed all in a blow of wind. Next, we need to work more sustainably. Until then, the people of Afghanistan and their rights are being violated which must be taken into vital importance of concerns by the best practitioners of human rights; to its best, the government of Germany I would address. The people from the systemic change suffer the most especially the vulnerable ones, I would name women and children. One of my friends who was part of our team working for promotion of sports among women is left behind in Afghanistan. She could not get out of her home since August 2021 fearing of being targeted. She is going through so much of trauma because not only for her life but also for the truth that she can no more work or render services for others and the only option left for her is marriage.

The closure of human rights observers such as judiciary system affected by conventional laws and the Independent Human Rights Commission as the Watchdog mechanism over the practice of International human rights as well as the constitutional laws makes the life much more difficult. Therefore, the basic rights are violated and people are in danger of not only the severe poverty but loss of dignity. Many girls are now pushed into forced marriages, domestic violence and sexual harassments. A women in our neighborhood in Herat with two children whose husband was killed four years ago, is now obliged to marry her husband’s brother because on one hand she cannot work anymore as before and on the other hand that her prior family cannot take care of her and her children.

We sincerely request the government of Germany to

  • Find mechanisms addressing the basic needs of people in Afghanistan and promote the role of women in healing the wounds of humanity.
  • Ease, speed up and improvise the process of evacuation of those whose lives are in danger as well as the family members including the parents and siblings of who have been already evacuated. For Afghans, the family system is not only the husband and wife but parents and siblings who live together.
  • Evacuate not only the ones who have worked with the German government but also the ones whose lives are in danger.
  • Pressurizing the new ruling group to ensure the equal rights of men and women through the observation of human rights commission.
  • Facilitate the practice of right to education and employment for girls and women through the civil society organizations, support of local NGOs and political pressure.
  • Support women in Afghanistan through Afghan women here in Germany in order to sensitize the new ruling group opening space for women to be equally treated in their economic, political and social role in development of Afghanistan.

With so much of gratitude and hope, I conclude my request as a young Afghan girl.

Vielen Herzlichen Dank!

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